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This collective exhibition will feature artists
of the Americas. All the people living on
the two American continents are in fact Americans.
North and South America are also sometimes
viewed as one continent. We are using the term
'American' according to its original and actual
geographical definition as a modifier or noun.
We Americans, indigenous people and immigrants
and descendents of immigrants, share these two
beautiful continents together.

There are many good, bad, and ugly reasons
people came (and still come) to the Americas.
Some of our ancestors came as invaders from
Europe. Some came as explorers from Europe.
Some came as colonizers from Europe. Some
of our ancestors were forced to come as slaves
from Africa. Some came as immigrants from
Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe. And of
course there are the original inhabitants or
indigenous people of the Americas. We
are a very diverse people who came here from
all over the Earth and some of us were already here.

We at Illume invite artists from the Americas to
submit work for consideration to be included
in the exhibition “Americans”.  There is no particular
theme. Our purpose for this exhibition is to present
the works of artists who reside in the Americas.
Like all of our collective exhibitions, this will be
a juried exhibition, selected by curators.* It is free to
enter art submissions and if selected, also free to participate.

Eligibility to participate is being an artist in the Americas.
Artists are also eligible if they were born and/or grew up
in the Americas and still identify as an American even
though they now live in another part of the world.

Artists may enter 3 - 5 images for consideration.
Please do not send us more than 5 images.
Submission instructions for group exhibitions are
on our submission guidelines webpage. Please
adhere to those guidelines. We always send receipts to
artists after receiving their entries. If you do not get a
receipt, then we did not receive your entry. Please
contact Harriette Lawler or ILham Mahfouz via Facebook
if you do not get an email receipt.


(We are not concerned with national borders. We
present this list only to show all the lands considered
to be part of the Americas.)

Deadline for art submissions: March 1, 2020
Notification emails to selected artists: March 15, 2019
Exhibition Premiere: March 20, 2020, Vernal Equinox

* Submission of artwork does not guarantee participation in a juried show.

Image Credits:
Top: Blue Marble, NASA
Bottom: NASA Earth Observatory image by Robert Simmon,
using Suomi NPP VIIRS data provided courtesy of
Chris Elvidge (NOAA National Geophysical Data Center).


  Please copy and paste the following in your email with your art submission and of course provide the necessary information. We need this from every artist who wishes to participate.

Information about you the artist:
Country of residence
Website or webpage URL

Your artwork entry:

Title of work