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This collective exhibition will premiere on Earth Day, Monday April 22, 2019. Many people today often refer to themselves as Earthlings, rather than their particular nationality, especially when discussing
environmental and other planetary issues. This differs from referring to oneself as human rather than a nationality, because we are not the only life on this planet. The broad-based premise of this exhibition is to explore the concepts of being an Earthling. What does it mean to be a living being on Earth today? Who and what are Earthlings? Where are we Earthlings headed — or where should we be headed? What has led us to this point in time? What is our past, present, future? What do you as an individual Earthling see, think, value, love, desire, worry about, etc etc etc? Anything to do with being on Earth is a valid concept for this theme.

However, there is one fact about being on Earth now that is determining our future. Human activities have caused and continue to cause the current mass extinction of other species and the ongoing catastrophic climate change taking place on Earth. There is also a sharp divide today in the way humans view the world and therefore in the way they act in the world.

There are two particular worldviews that are polar opposites of each other. One view is that we humans share the Earth with other life, both plants and animals — and that we should be responsible residents of the Earth and guardians of the life on it. These people do not feel an exclusive allegiance to any one nation, any particular ethnicity, or any political party. Their first and inclusive allegiance is to our planet and to all the life it supports.

The opposing view is that we humans rightfully dominate the Earth and that all of the Earth's resources — plant, animal, mineral — are ours to use without regard to the consequences. Their allegiance varies depending on the individual and their location, but they are always capitalists and usually nationalists. They never think of themselves as Earthlings first or even as humans first.

Your art entry does not have to deal with or involve the mass extinctions and climate change taking place on Earth. It is stated in this proposal due to its importance to all Earthlings. The Earth itself will survive whatever humans do to it (unless something we do blows it into pieces). It is the life that is currently supported on Earth which is endangered.

Deadline for submissions is March 22, 2019. There are no submission or participation fees. Notifications will be emailed to selected participants on April 10, 2019. Please email 1-3 art entries with your name, titles of your entries and their media, brief artist statement about the works, and the part of our planet where you live to illume@windstream.net with 'Earthling' in the subject line. We do not need high resolution images for an online exhibition, but images sent must be at least 10 inches or 26 cm in height and at 100dpi.

Blue Marble Earth art courtesy NASA. NASA


Show Dates:

Submission Deadline — March 22, 2019

Notifications to selected artists — April 10, 2019

Premiere Opening — Earth Day April 22, 2019