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Guidelines for Submitting Artwork

Group Exhibitions . . .
Proposals for these art shows will specify a particular theme, concept, deadline date for entries, eligibility, and the number of entries an artist may submit for consideration. If a statement is required or suggested, it will state how an artist’s entry relates to the show’s theme, not a general description of the artist’s work or artistic process. Résumes/CVs, bios, and photos of the artists are not required for group or collective shows. Upon receipt of an entry, we will verify by email that an entry has been received. However, only artists whose work has been accepted into a show will be notifed. We do not send out rejection notices to artists whose work is not accepted into a show.

All curators for our collective exhibitions are artists themselves. We generally keep our curators’ names anonymous, unless they wish to be listed online as the curator of a show.

As Illume is an online art gallery, we do not need high resolution images of your artwork. The required resolution for images is 10 inches or 26 centimeters in height at 72 dpi. When submitting images to Illume, please put all or part of its title in its file name for identification. List all your information in your email or in an attached text fle in the formats below.

Information about you the artist:
Country of residence
Website or webpage URL

Your artwork entry:

Title of work
       height x width x depth — for 3D work
       height x width — for 2D work
Media (examples below)
       oil on canvas, acrylic on panel, mixed media,
       type of metals used, ink, pencil on paper, pastels,
wood, photographic print, etc etc)
Statement (if required)

Send art submissions to illume@windstream.net

Solo Exhibitions . . .
In our frst year 2019, we are presenting many solo exhibitions. Beginning in 2020, our main focus will be collective exhibitions in order to provide a venue for more artists to display their work. Solo exhibitors are invited to present their work on our website. Please do not send us an unsolicited request for an exhibition or membership in the Illume Art Gallery. Illume does not offer gallery memberships to individual artists.

Artists whose works are presented in our solo exhibitions are required to send us an artist statement about their work in general, a brief biography summarizing their art career, photo of the artist, and title of their exhibition. Solo shows are not required to have a title, but we encourage it. For solo shows, all the artwork images, information about the artworks (title, dimensions, media) artist bio, artist statement, artist photo, artist’s contact info, and artist’s website/webpage URLs must be received by us two weeks before their show premieres on our website. Earlier is always better but two weeks before each show is required