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now . . .  Illume International Art Gallery announces an upcoming juried, collective exhibition entitled 'now'. It will premiere on our website on January 1, 2022 and remain online permanently (as long as Illume exists, not for eternity). Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2021. The world has gone through and is still going through a difficult and dangerous time since the pandemic spread across our planet. The idea for this exhibition is to chronicle the next 16 months with art expressions. From what is happening 'now' today to what is happening 'now’ on any day until December 1, 2021. Whenever you create your artwork for the show will be your 'now' so do include the date of your artwork. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out to selected artists on December 21, 2021. Of course, if you already have a work about 'now' — please send it now and you can send other artworks during the next 16 months.

There is no particular theme — just what is 'now’ on any day for artists whether about personal, global, spiritual, political, love or romance, scientific, war and violence, protests, bigotry, immigrants, medical or pandemic related, etc. What will have changed, transformed, or be gone? What will be new, continuing, expected, or unknown? What will be feared or hoped for? What ultimate impact did the COVID-19 pandemic have on our world and on our lives? Your work can be about anything that you want to express in the next 16 months.

During this time, we at Illume will also be looking for a physical gallery to co-host the online exhibition with us in 2022 or 2023. Physical galleries and venues often are booked 2 years in advance so that date will be determined when it is known and if we can book a venue. We welcome suggestions if artists know of a venue that would be appropriate. Venues that co-host the show will have the advantage of the exhibition, with the name and address of their venue, being online permanently giving them much exposure and credit as well.

Information about you and your artwork:
Your name

Title of artwork (all artowrks in the show must have titles)

Dimensions of artwork

Media used in the artwork

Date or dates or time period of the 'now’ that your artwork represents or chronicles — dates or time periods between August 1, 2020 — December 1, 2021. The date or time period of your artwork may start before then but must end sometime after August 1, 2020

If an artist starts on a work about something but doesn’t complete it until that event. news. or feeling is over, they should give it the date the work is about. Or if an artist is working on a piece about one thing but changes occur and they incorporate the changes into their work — the artist decides what date or period of time they want to express. We leave it up to the artist to decide what date their works represent.
Works in the show will be arranged in chronological order.

Country of residence (and country of birth if you like to include that)

Brief statement about the time or times the artwork is representing — optional, not required

Website or webpage

Contact email

Exhibition Information and Dates:

1-5 artwork submissions allowed
Deadline for submissions: December 1, 2021
Acceptance emails sent out: December 21, 2021
Online exhibition premiere: January 1, 2022

Do NOT send us:
Photos of yourself
Your bios
Your CVs or résumes

Send your art submissions to:

Curators: As always our group exhibitions are curated/juried by artists, usually 2 artists. "now" is being curated by Michael Berry of Australia but our second artist curator prefers to remain anonymous as most of our curators also have chosen.