This collective exhibition features the artists of the Americas. All the people living

on the two American continents and their islands are in fact Americans.

Central America is geographically the southern tip of North America. North

and South America are also sometimes viewed as one continent. We are

using the term 'American' according to its original and actual geographical

definition as a modifier or noun. We Americans — indigenous people, immigrants, and

descendents of immigrants — share the beautiful lands of the Americas together.


Leonor Arnao — Argentina

Arrachme — United States

Pierre Castagner — Canada

Luiz Cavalli — Brazil

Sonia Cabañas Cortés — Mexico, now in Portugal

Virginia Erdie — United States

Therese Basha Jarjoura — United States

David Klein — United States

Kathryn Kostow — United States

Alan Laurie — United States

Harriette Lawler — United States

ILham Mahfouz — United States

Roberta Masciarelli – Brazil, now in United States

Rodrigo Piedrahita — Colombia

Christine Lentzou Selzer — United States

Reem al Taki — United States

Star Trauth — United States

Victor Valqui Vidal — Peru, now in Denmark

Earth image credit: NASA Blue Marble


The Americas