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The DisOrder body of work conveys our struggle to express feelings of anxiety, fear, panic and depression, pain and devastation. In our work, mental illness which is a physical one based
on disordered secretions of chemistry in the
brain works as an indispensable tool in order to achieve its expression through our digital work. We are at the point where we mute logic and
allow the mind to express our imagination, our subconscious mind as a creative catharsis. Exchange of views between artists who experience similar symptoms  is where we base the need to continue supporting each other and fight against social exclusion and stigma. We started collaborating and creating digital images in 2011. As we both come from the world of fine arts we realized the similarity in views but also techniques used to manipulate images. This acted as a bond between us and a priceless friendship.

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Katerina Dramitinou

Christine Lentzou Selzer