Earthling Two Artists

Analia Adorni — Italy
Facebook: analiadorniarts

Fatemeh Aray — Iran

Arrachme — United States

Fatemeh Bahrambeigi — Iran

Sonia Cabañas — Portugal, Mexico

Mehdi Daneshvar — Iran
Instagram: Mehdi.daneshvar69

Mojdeh Derakhshani — Iran

Katerina Dramitinou — Greece

Virginia Erdie — United States

Nadia Heart — Ukraine

Mahdi Hedayat — Iran

Alexander Jazykov — Slovakia

Barbara Jensen — United States

Gloria Keh— Singapore

Ebrahim. M. Khormaei —Iran

Harriette Lawler — United States

Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz — United States, Syria

Mahyar Mogharrari — Iran
Instagram : mahyar.mogharrari

Kostis Moudatsos — Greece

Arpa Mukhopadhyay — India

Neil Nieuwoudt — South Africa

Adeyemi Ramon Omolaja— Nigeria

Froso Papadimitriou — United Kingdom

Rodrigo Piedrahita — Colombia

Abdolreza Rabeti — Iran

Zohreh Sahebi — Iran

Shabnam Shahryary — Iran

Leonor Trindade Sousa —Portugal

Darija Stipanic — Croatia

Hamid Tajalifard — Iran

Mehrangiz Talaeizadeh —Iran

Fred van Welie — The Netherlands

Nikolay Vlahov — Bulgaria
Instagram: artbornnet

Keziban Yildirim — Turkey

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Blue Marble Earth art courtesy NASA.


Earthling Two Exhibition

Human activities have caused and continue to cause the current mass extinction of other species and the ongoing catastrophic climate change taking place on Earth. We humans are also not the only Earthlings on this planet. An insect, dog, or bird is just as much an Earthling as a human is. There is also a sharp divide today in the way that humans view the world and therefore in the way they interact with the world.

There are two particular worldviews that are polar opposites of each other. One view is that we humans share the Earth with other life, both plants and animals — and that we should be responsible residents of the Earth and guardians of the life on it. These people do not feel an exclusive allegiance to any one nation, any particular ethnicity, or any political party. Their first and inclusive allegiance is to our planet and to all the life it supports. That is also the worldview of Illume International Gallery.

The opposing view is that we humans rightfully dominate the Earth and that all of the Earth's resources — plant, animal, mineral — are ours to use without regard to the consequences. The 'allegiance' of these people varies depending on the individual and their location. Sadly, they may never think of themselves as Earthlings first or even as humans first.

A devastating and deadly pandemic swept through our beautiful Earth in 2020 and it is still with us today. It was caused by the human desire to eat wild animals, such as the bat. Scientists tell us that we can expect to see more pandemics like this if we continue to interact with non-human animals in the same destructive manner: wet markets, habitat destruction, factory farms, etc etc etc. COVID-19 also has impacted our environment.

How has the pandemic affected our environment? Stay-at-home lockdowns and car-free zones resulted in less pollution, but unfortunately that increased the extremely harmful ground level ozone pollution in many areas due to the drop in nitrogen dioxide pollution. Nitrigen dioxide destroys ground level ozone, but it also depletes the protective ozone layer in the stratosphere, which is where we need ozone to be. The world also saw a new type of litter problem in the form of discarded masks & gloves. Some grocery stores also initially banned the use of customers' reusable shopping bags. Scientists also warn us of the bacteria and viruses that we may see as Earth's polar ice melts. Viral pathogens that life on Earth has not experienced in millions of years could be much worse than COVID-19, more like a pathogen from another planet.

What does it mean to be a living being, human and non-human, on Earth today— in relation to our environment? Who and what are Earthlings? Where are we Earthlings headed or where should we be headed — in relation to our environment? What is our past, present, future interaction with our environment? What do you as an individual Earthling artist see, think, value, love, desire, worry about, etc etc etc in terms of our planet's network of life?