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ILham Badreddine Mahfouz:
I am a Syrian-American artist living and working in Michigan. I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a B.F.A. in Painting and Ceramics and a Minor in Art History. It is of great pleasure that I draw my influences from the old country of Syria and this newer country America; the best of both worlds. My passions are truly a love for all humanity and great faith in God, which gives me strength and keeps me going.

I have been fortunate to win several awards, hold 11 solo art exhibits and participate in more than 100 group art exhibits nationally and internationally. I have several art works on display including my piece ‘World Peace’ at the Arab-American Museum in Dearborn, MI. Another piece is displayed in Armada, MI. I also have art work displayed at the Cell Museum of Amnesty International Human Rights Museum in Denmark. I have also curated several art exhibits. I really enjoy getting to know artists of the world and dialoguing with them about art.

The world is so vast and yet so small with our reach through the net. We are able to reach people all over the world through art and exchange ideas and learn from one another. A beautiful concept of learning and living in harmony and peace.









Art conveys a visual dialogue and a stand for humanity through colors, shapes
and lines. The journey of my life is reflected in my art work featuring celebrations
as well as limitations and tests during life. The various stages of life and it’s feelings
are also expressed in my artwork and includes poverty and wealth, kindness and
selfishness, happiness and sadness, war and peace as well as life and death.
I start with a theme in my mind and let loose on the canvas or clay I am working on.
Different mediums and feelings dictate the release of subconscious images reflected in
my artwork. I keep working on my art piece until I feel the idea has been completely
expressed. Sometimes, I go back and re-do a piece until it feels right to me;  a feeling of
clear and accurate harmony.

Art is a reflection of my daily life and influences. I draw from what I hear or experience
such as crises like homelessness, natural disasters, war, famine, refugees and immigration.
As an artist, I am affected by the human conditions around the world. I express my
feelings and reactions through the art I make as a testament on the world we live in. My
hope is to have my art move people and help them unite together in peace.
ILham Badreddine Mahfouz