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Instinct urged us to make the first sounds and words followed. The intellect
drove it further and those first grunts and scratches became writing and
language that would inspire culture and invention.

Did the god Mercury bring us language? Did someone have a bite of the
forbidden mushroom in the garden of Pangea and language was one of
the results of that history shaping event?

“A hypothesis put forward by  Professor Joseph Greenberg and his
colleagues (Stanford University) holds  that the original mother language
developed in Africa among early Homo sapiens. Their ‘Proto World’
map would show how  Homo sapiens spread across the world, taking
their language with them.  That single language, which the Professor 
calls the Mother Tongue or proto-world, diverged naturally over time
into the several thousands of diverse forms spoken today.” Excerpt
taken from https://www.angmohdan.com/the-root-of-all-human-languages/

We are constantly shaping the world with a set of symbols or constructs
that was either passed on from our parents or teachers or learnt during
our lifetimes. We use language every day in our every thought and action.
Music is a language, Art is a language, maths is a language, even the
computer you are using has a language it uses to operate. The Universe
speaks to us by using a multitude of dialects. More often than not we just
don’t hear it over and above our own noise levels.

We shape language and language shapes us.