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Mission Statement:

Established on January 1, 2019, Illume presents online art exhibitions, solo and collective, curated by and featuring international artists. Of course online art galleries can never take the place of experiencing art in person, but we think they have an important role in today's art world if done properly and by presenting quality artwork.

Many, if not most, artists, no matter how talented and/or innovative they and their work may be, are often finding it difficult to exhibit their work anywhere (except on Facebook or Instagram). The plague of vanity galleries, charging artists 1000s of dollars or euros to show their work, continues to spread around the globe. Many cooperative galleries run by artists today must ask their members to help financially in some small way, but there is indeed a big difference between those kind of contributions and the way a vanity gallery operates.

There are indeed still many excellent art galleries worldwide that present fine work and are serving artists and their communities very well. Many artists are also working with their colleagues in mutual support and taking charge of their exhibition opportunities with artist-organized and artist-curated projects. The problem of too many artists and not enough opportunities persists though. We believe online galleries are part of the solution.

Participation in our exhibitions is free for all artists exhibiting on and curating for this site. No fees or commissions of any kind are charged to artists whose work is presented on this site. No art sales or monetary transactions are carried out or allowed on or through this site. Our only purpose is to shine a light on the work of fine artists. (Thus the name Illume of course.) All exhibitions are permanently documented and accessible for viewing. Art buyers & collectors, journalists, and reviewers who are interested in a particular artwork or artist must contact the artist directly. For more information about this gallery and our exhibitions, please contact us at:


All art work on this site is copyrighted by the respective artist or artists and may not be copied or reproduced in any way without the express written permission of the artist or artists. Website designer and director is artist Harriette Lawler. The "Gateway Moon" digital art on our home page and on various webpages is by Yancy Volgare from the book "Gateway: An Arttists' Time Capsule".