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My artistic career was born from childhood because of the need to reproduce my own experiences, which in adulthood is translated into painting. I am an architect by profession and I have studied painting courses. I began to exhibit recently finished the university. My art work has been at intervals between my profession as an architect and as an artist. I have made local exhibitions in galleries and hotels in my hometown. Home artistic connections on the internet when this medium was created, allowing the work to be carried out and exhibited in different places such as China, England, Spain, USA, Arab Emirates and Taiwan.

My work is born of a process of reading the existence, supported in the "memory of images", emotions and memories in general of my childhood, which evoke sensations or first impressions. The innate act of drawing proper human culture to catch realities or reproduce events recreates new personal aesthetic parameters born of my spontaneous memories. Already in adulthood I make a representation through painting in response to those emotions. It is a reconstruction with the aim of reviving and being able to understand existence itself, without fully understanding those subtle emotions. With painting, it allows me to make sense of what I have experienced, expressing it figuratively or semi-abstractly.
— Rodrigo Piedrahita