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Virginia Erdie

Virginia Erdie's more contemporary works, as shown on Illume, are inspired by her insatiable curiosity about science and nature and how the two are diabolically opposed yet inescapably connected. She has delved into such things as quantum physics, string theory, fractals, membrane theory, and anything else that attempts to explain the unexplained.

As an art therapist, she works from the unconscious mind (Jung) and pulls from what she believes to be "outsider information" from possibly futuristic and simultaneous realities.

She uses this approach in her art therapy process to help others who are "stuck" by guiding them in their journeys of self discovery.

She designed and constructed a throne with a large mirror that is sculpted with organic shapes so that the viewer sees only fractal parts of themselves when looking into the mirror.

Part of her fascination for the intangible may be due to her consistent and persistent dreams where she experiences other versions of reality in living color. Erdie believes that dreams are not always a way of figuring out the day's events - they may be an actual experience in another reality that is not physical.